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Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis is a Global Company, striving to bring the advantages of advanced composites to paddle sports, producing some of the lightest and stiffest boats available today. Our design team hails from North America and Germany with input from paddlers worldwide.

Surf Skis

Speed, Stability, Durability and Comfort are the focus of our Surf Ski designs. Paddlers recognize this unique combination once they try our boats. Our Elite boats are on par with the fastest boats on the market, but delivers stability unseen in the class. Innovations likethe 3-point footbrace transfer your leg drive to boat speed, making Stellar the right choice. Our expertise in composite design provide you with the most advanced boats, which are amazingly stiff, light-weight and durable!

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Sit-On-Tops Kayaks

Designed for easy entry and exit, a “Sit-on-top” eliminates the challenges of being in a decked cockpit boat. This Stellar class ranges from 14 to 18 feet, providing you with options from stable and smooth to those looking for a performance oriented experiences of fitness paddling to racing. Over-stern rudders are available for those paddling in shallow waters or areas with excess floating debris.

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Touring Kayaks

Our Touring Kayaks cut through the water for effortless paddling, providing you morespeed due to the low wetted surface area of the hull. With a soft chine, our boats also have exceptional secondary stability for when the water gets rough. Our boats combine stability, speed and maneuverability yet posses ample storage for any size adventure. Our industry leading light-weight construction makes handling the boat on and off the water a joy!

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Recreational Kayaks

Our Recreational Kayaks offer great primary stability, oversized cockpits and smooth running hull lines make our Recreational kayaks a joy to paddle. For the ultimate in simplicity and easy paddling, try our super lightweight Dragonfly pack boat!

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Racing Kayaks

From flat water to down river racing, Stellar has an option! Our ICF Sprint Kayaks have long waterlines and low surface area. We also increased the volume in the ends for less porpoising and better glide. Our Multisport Kayaks are making waves in New Zealand, designed for Class I-III rivers and to take a beating along the way!

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