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Environmentally Friendly Boat Factory

Stellar Kayaks has invested in technology to reduce emission output of VOC's and offset its power consumption with solar to reduce its environmental footprint. In addition, in an effort to keep our waterways clean for our enjoyment and future generations, we have implemented a closed loop water recycling system, capturing chemicals and solids that may make their way into the waste water stream. We have pioneered a new industry standard as we demonstrate environmental friendly practices with huge investments in ecological energy savings and waste recovery.


We have covered our factory roof with 19,000 m3 of solar panels capable of producing 2,100 Kilowatts of power. This solar power offsets the majority of the factory's power consumption with a green based net-zero carbon output renewable energy source


Our centralised comprehensive dual air cleaning system filters VOC's with 100% of the exhausts removed from our productions paint booth filtering 25,800 m3 per hour. Active carbon filters pull out the impurities in the air. Once full, these filters can be disposed of responsibly in a sealed landfill to avoid the chemicals leaching into the groundwater and environment.

Water Clearning & Filtering

Our water filtration system eliminates contaminated effluent from entering local waterways or ground water. The closed loop filtration system recycling water for further use in production removes pollution from the water. The system uses a series of sedimentation, fining and precipitation tanks. Each tank designed to capture an aspect of pollution in the waste water. Filtered water is stored in tanks ready for reuse in the production hall. Waste is precipitated out of water into a concentrate. Filter press captures the solids. Solids are dried out and disposed of responsibly in a lined landfill.


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