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Length: 20' 8" / 6.3m — Beam: 17.25" / 43.8cm

  • Speed

  • Stability

£3,300.00 (inc. VAT)
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Available Spring 2023

The new Stellar Eagle features a new seat, footboard, low volume cockpit replacing the revered SEL with a modern racing machine for the larger paddler. Highly adjustable foot tracks allow for a large range of paddler size, redesigned gunwales for a tighter catch, refined seat for an ergonomic and comfortable seating position. The bow deck is optimized for comfort in multiple wind situations and control while steering. The hull is re-formulated for second to none paddling experience ensuring a smile on your face and podium finishes. For those familiar with the Stellar line, the Eagle could be compared to a narrower, faster Falcon melded with the SEA.

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Length: 20' 8" / 6.3m
Beam: 17.25" / 43.8cm

Depth: 13.3" / 33.9cm
Paddler: 5'5"-6' 5"/ 1.65m-1.96m

Capacity:243lbs / 110kg


RT-1 Footboard

Footwell RT-1 Footboard

Streamlined Bow handle and Piercing Bow

Ergonomic Seat

Over Stern Rudder Fittings & Streamlined Handle


Carry Handles

Innovative low drag water-shedding bow and stern handles


4th generation rounded, ergonomic seat for larger paddlers

Peaked Bow Deck

Rounded top reduces windage and sheds water before it enters the cockpit.

Stern Rocker

Rounded keel and rockered stern for responsive steering.


Lightweight RT-1 3point footboard makes for a powerful leg drive and easy responsive steering. RT-1 allows for a lower volume cockpit too.

Longer Cockpit

Redesigned cockpit for longer legs, with reduced colume for minimal water colume if flooded and tight catch.

Under-Stern Rudders

Various sized carbon rudders for efficient sterring for any condition.


A little flare above the water-line provides more stability when needed to help keep you paddling on an even keel for an uncommon speed to stability ratio.

Hull Design

Slender bow for less drag and increased hull speed.

Construction Options

10.9 kg

Alpha - Uni-Directional Carbon

The ultimate racing machine - High modulus, high temperature cured uni-directional carbon fiber for the most advanced and stiffest boat on the market.



Very stiff and light, yet more affordable than the Alpha. Kevlar® adds impact strength to the laminate - Gelcoat finished heat cured epoxy Kevlar® and Fiberglass laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core. Great for racing, or those looking for a light boat, but not as impact resistant as the Multi-sport or Advantage constructions.



Single skin laminate hull made of Carbon & Kevlar® fabric, with clear gelcoat finish, and the deck is the standard Advantage construction. The hull is designed to be flexible and durable, but creates a stiff boat that can take some abuse in class I and II rapids and shallows, but is also at home in the ocean or the flats. The Surf Ski Multi-Sport construction comes standard with an over-stern rudder and fittings for an under-stern rudder, as well as a flush mounted Andersen Super mini-bailer.

The Stellar Difference

The difference is in the details. At Stellar, we realise that all materials are not made the same and premium materials help make a superior boat. From Dupont Kevlar, Toray Carbon, Lantor Core and 3M finishing materials, we realize that these materials may cost more, but provide you with a superior boat in mechanical strength, aesthetic finish, optimal weight and consistent performance. We process those superior materials, by using epoxy resin, heat curing, vacuum and infusion to create the some of the best boats on the market.

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