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Stellar 15' Low Volume Touring Kayak (S15LV)

Length: 15' 1"/ 4.6 m — Beam: 21' 6"/ 54.8 cm

  • Speed

  • Stability

£2,490.00 (inc. VAT)
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The Stellar 15' (S15LV) Touring Kayak was designed for speed and stability for small to medium sized paddlers for touring and fitness paddling.

The hull has long water lines and a soft chine and we added a moderate concavity along the keel of the bow and stern to help with tracking in rough conditions. For windy days and following seas, a drop-down rudder off the stern will help keep your course. Higher decks allow for a dryer paddle in rough conditions and a large stern and medium bow compartment provide ample storage for your longer tours.

Colour Options

Our boats are available in a wide range of colour options. To learn more about customising your boat visit our boat customisation page here.

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Lead time can vary depending on the model and colour chosen. Please enquire for lead times. You can also see our current inventory here.


Length: 15' 1"/ 4.6 m

Beam: 21' 6"/ 54.8 cm

Depth: 11.8" / 30 cm

Paddler: 5' - 6'2" / 1.5-1.87 m

Capacity: 300 lbs / 135kg

Cockpit W: 17.2"

Cockpit L: 31.9"

Bow Storage: 16.4 Gal

Stern Storage: 26.4 Gal


Bottle Holder Seat Pad

Kayak Bow Hatch

Cut Away

Kayak Rudder

Kayak Stern Handle

SmartTrack Footbrace


Steering Line

High strength Spectra Dyneema steering line. No rusting, and low stretch.


Adjustable padded seat, with a water bottle holder. Smaller width, oval cockpit for easy entry, with padded thigh braces and heel pad.


Low volume deck for small sized paddlers. Cut-aways on bow deck for narrow catch and an efficient stroke. Static perimeter line and Bungee X lines for deck rigging.

Bow & Stern Handles

Ergonomic carry handles for a comfortable haul to and from the water

Foot Brace

Smart Track Transitional foot brace is easy to adjust in the boat, with responsive steering.

Storage Compartments

Large stern hatch and medium bow hatch for 2 water tight strorage compartments.

Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder

Efficient steering and low drag Hydrofoil fin, with rudder keep on stern deck.

Stability & Speed

Swede form design, where the widest point of the hull is aft of midship reducing wave drag and soft chines for great secondary stability.

Joint Line

Double fiberglass taped seam lines inside and out, for incredibly strong and durable hull and deck joint.

Construction Options


Alpha - Woven

Extremely stiff and light - The ultimate paddling machine that is also easy to move off of the water.

Clear finished, heat cured epoxy woven Toray 3k Carbon Fiber laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core. 

USES: Racing, fitness or easy to handle on land. Requires care in transport and protect against hitting rocks



Very stiff and light, yet more affordable than the Alpha. Kevlar® adds impact strength to the laminate - Gelcoat finished heat cured epoxy Kevlar® and Fiberglass laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core. Great for racing, or those looking for a light boat, but not as impact resistant as the Multi-sport or Advantage constructions.

USES: Racing, fitness or easy to handle on land. Requires care in transport and protect against hitting rocks.



Single skin laminate hull made of Carbon & Kevlar® fabric, with clear gelcoat finish, and the deck is the standard Advantage construction. The hull is designed to be flexible and durable, but creates a stiff boat that can take some abuse in the class I and II rapids and shallows, but is also at home in the ocean or the flats. The Surf Ski Multi-Sport construction comes standard with an over-stern rudder.

USES: Racing fitness or touring. Flexible hull is ideal for shallow water paddling or small rivers.



Great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. Gelcoat finished heat cured infused epoxy Fiberglass and Soric® core laminate is very tough and resists against punctures. A great race boat on a tight budget. The Advantage hits the mark for price to weight ratio for most kayak paddlers. 

USES: Racing, fitness or touring. Stiff yet flexible hull is very tough and but take care in shallow rivers and lakes.

The Stellar Difference

The difference is in the details. At Stellar, we realise that all materials are not made the same and premium materials help make a superior boat. From Dupont Kevlar, Toray Carbon, Lantor Core and 3M finishing materials, we realize that these materials may cost more, but provide you with a superior boat in mechanical strength, aesthetic finish, optimal weight and consistent performance. We process those superior materials, by using epoxy resin, heat curing, vacuum and infusion to create the some of the best boats on the market.

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